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About us

Inspire children to discover the marvellous world of the Spanish language

Mariposa Languages is a language company that aims to inspire children to learn Spanish in primary schools and extracurricular classes. Our programme in Primary Schools includes an exciting international engagement with local teachers based in South America and Spain. The students will be able to connect cultures from their classroom with weekly workshops with our native tutors and use the technology to get closer to the Hispanic culture. 


Mariposa Languages offers Spanish Workshops for Nurseries where children will be motivated to sing and dance in a different language using energetic music and sensory toys to make it fun. Children who learn another language before 5 use the same part of the brain to acquire that second language that they use to learn their mother tongue. Learning a new language boosts problem-solving, critical thinking and listening skills. 

We offer extracurricular sessions like breakfast and after-school clubs in more than 15 schools around Hampshire, West Sussex, London and Brighton. We want to spread our Spanish vibes everywhere, contact us if you want us to offer Spanish Club (mornings and evenings) at your school.  We count on a good database of DBS checks and native Spanish tutors around the UK who are willing to offer private Spanish tuition to families and children in their houses weekly. An online option is available. Book a free consultation with us here.

During the school holidays, we offer a childcare bilingual holiday camp: Hola Sport! We are based in different venues or schools. We offer 1 to 3 days of a bilingual sports camp in your school. 

Hola Sport offers a full day of exercises, games and movement including the Spanish language at every level. We introduce Spanish vocabulary through art and craft activities. All of these disciplines (sports, languages and art) offer a  360º experience for children during the school holidays. Contact us if you want us to go to your school. 

We offer a unique experience to children. We like what we do. We enjoy it. We are native speakers proud of our cultures and willing to build a bridge between the British and the Hispanic culture for children.

Mariana, owner and director

Mariana is from Venezuela and Spain, currently based on the South Coast. She loves to dance, play and connect with children. She has experience teaching Spanish in Mariposa Language for more than 4 years in more than 15 schools around Hampshire and West Sussex. Also, she runs private tuitions, specialised workshops and holiday camps in different schools around the United Kingdom. You always can find her on her Linkedin account. 

“I love teaching my native language to children. I believe in the positive effects of learning a new language in the early years of development for long-term continuation.

This is also a great opportunity to embrace acceptance of other cultures from an early stage of life. Childhood is the best opportunity to shape human beings!”

Simona, Academic Coordinator

Simona, our Academic Coordinator and Private Lessons Teacher, brings a world of language know-how. With roots in Italy, she’s taught in different countries such as Italy, the UK and Spain. Former Subject Leader and Head of Year 9, Simona speaks 7 languages, and is learning 3 more. Qualifications? Think CELTA, PGCE, and DITALS II.
Simona’s taught in public and private schools, blending adaptability into her lessons. Her passion for travel adds a global twist to every class.
Parents, trust your child’s language journey with Simona. It’s not just about learning languages; it’s about a safe space for exploration. Your child’s education? In good hands – our passionate, experienced, and dedicated new academic coordinator is mixing grammar, culture, vocabulary, and structures to give you the perfect outcome in your child’s journey towards a successful learning of the Spanish Language.
Is your child preparing for GCSE in Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian? Do not fear, she is also our GCSE Teacher and offers online sessions to tackle any needs.

Open your wings and speak Spanish!