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Our Classes


We offer a unique experience to children. We like what we do. We enjoy it. We are native speakers proud of our cultures and willing to build a bridge between the British and the Hispanic culture for children. 

KS1 & KS2

Weekly Spanish KS1& KS2 Workshops for Primary Schools

We offer 45 – 60- International engagement with several local schools in South America and Spain. We support your Primary School teaching the minimum requirement from the national curriculum. Your young learners will love to learn Spanish with us! This also includes International engagement with several local schools in South America and Spain – your students will be able to connect and speak with teachers abroad and practice Spanish with local them while they are based in Perú, Bolivia, Colombia o Cuba. 


Spanish Singing & Dancing Workshops

We offer weekly or fortnight singing & dancing workshops of 30 – 60 minutes full of music for these little ones.

They will dance with us while they are listening to kids’ songs that improve their well-being in Spanish! (Fact) Children who learn another language before 5 use the same part of the brain to acquire that second language that they use to learn their mother tongue. This means a significant advantage for them that will stay long.

(6 - 11 years old)

Spanish After School Clubs / Breakfast Clubs

Our Clubs start at 3:15 pm just after school. We go to the school and offer an hour of fun Spanish to your children. The term will follow a simple curriculum which will be taught through music, games and crafts. Each session is really fun and interactive, but also shows progression in language learning. Content will be different each term, so if you have already been, please feel free to re-book as we will continue progressing with those children who have done some Spanish before!

at home /online

Spanish Private Tuition for children

We can help your child to overcome the challenges of the first or second language from your house! All our tutors are Enhanced DBS Checked and they are qualified to support your children learning at home. This applies to both bilingual children and first-time learners. We offer Spanish Group Tuition for children  (Max 6).  Online sessions are available. Ask for our FREE taster class here. 


Full Day of Spanish for KS1 or KS2 Students - ONCE / TWICE PER YEAR.

Sports, games, storytelling, music, art, songs and dance will take place in one day. All day in Spanish. This 360º experience of learning a new language with our native tutors will submerge your students in the Spanish-speaking culture just for ONE DAY! 

(6- 11 years old)

Bilingual Holiday Camp (HOLA SPORT)

1 or 2 days of Spanish and Sports for schools during the school holidays. We combine the benefits of sports with the Spanish language through games. Wellness and languages all in one day.  


Bilingual children have improved reading, writing and math. They show interest in different cultures and positive attitudes towards them. They discover the world with a sense of respect and kindness!