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Hola Sport!

Hola Sport! (6 -10 years old)

We offer a FULL-DAY movement, exercise and language skills in every activity. We have adjusted different sports using keywords in Spanish.

This programme could be a fantastic option for half-term breaks for schools that offer special care for parents and students. Or, an ENRICHMENT DAY where the entire school could benefit from this language and wellness experience.

All our activities embrace the importance of teamwork and healthy and active lifestyles. We support PLAY opportunities to introduce Spanish. The Power of Play has shown us the tremendous and beneficial impact on their day-to-day development. We are going to play in Spanish!

We can offer you a tailored budget for your school depending on the number of pupils, time, days and distance. Please, get in touch with us if you are interested in this amazing experience for your school.

Learning a new language boosts problem-solving, critical thinking and listening skills. Besides, improving memory and concentration. We mix all of these benefits with a variety of sports with the experience of quality sports coaches. The result? Boom! Faster learning, motivation and inspiration 100%