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New collaboration with Enseña por Panamá

Escuela Simón Bolivar Panamá
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Escuela Simón Bolivar Panamá

International engagement with Panamá Primary Schools. An initiative of Mariposa Languages with the support of Enseña por Panamá.

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the amazing people of Enseña por Panamá. Thanks to this organisation that aims to support children’s education in Panamá, we will be able to offer a global vision to all our schools in the United Kingdom. This international activity aims to connect the rich and diverse Spanish-speaking cultures in South America with the Primary Schools we support. 

This activity aims to strengthen cultural diversity among primary school children and to enrich their vision of the different student communities abroad.  These types of activities will generate conversations and pedagogical reflections that will reinforce the interest in the practice of a second language from an early age.

In addition, it will benefit education in cultural diversity in both countries involved as such activities will contribute to shaping more tolerant and empathetic children. These activities will have an impact on the creation of a more egalitarian and respectful society.

We can’t wait to start collaborating with local-based teachers in Panamá and show our British classrooms how diverse and rich are those Spanish-speaking countries.

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