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Spring Term Spanish Recap

Spanish teacher at the extracurricular club
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Spring Term Recap and What’s Coming Next!

As we wrap up an enriching Spring Term, we’re thrilled to share some exciting highlights and a sneak peek into what’s coming next at Mariposa Languages’ Clubs.

In the past term, we embarked on a journey of language exploration with a brand new curriculum tailored to match the future needs of children when they start their curricular journey in secondary school. From revising numbers and basic questions in Spanish to progressively building on previous knowledge, our young learners ended the term with impressive skills. They should now confidently tell when their birthday is, recognise the different seasons of the year, and even share insights into holidays celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries.

This was just the beginning, aren’t you looking forward to more in this Spring Term? These exciting Adventures Await your kid! As we gear up for the second part of the Spring Term, get ready for even more engaging and fun activities! 

We’ll be diving into the world of animals, designing and discussing superhero animals, and learning vocabulary to describe our loved ones like mamá, papá, hermano, hermana y… más! Plus, we’ll explore describing physical appearances through interactive and enjoyable lessons (get ready for a Mr Potato Head joining your fridge!). And let’s not forget our Easter activity – it’s going to be egg-cellent!

At Mariposa Languages, we’re growing! We’re thrilled to announce that we keep offering private tuition at all levels, both in presence and online. These classes will not just be in Spanish but also German and French. Our parents have been delighted with the progress their children are making, both online and offline, thanks to our dedicated private tutors.

Finally… don’t forget to mark your calendars for our upcoming Spanish and sports camps during the Easter holidays! Join our Hola Sport at Churcher’s College from the 8th to the 12th of April! Check here for more information.  Get ready for 5 -full days filled with language, sports, STEAM and endless fun!

To all the children and parents who joined us for the first part of this amazing Spring Term – thank you – GRACIAS! for your enthusiasm and support! We can’t wait to welcome your children back starting from the 19th of February, and we hope to see even more families join us in the joy of learning Spanish in West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire Brighton and Hove and London. Check out all our Spanish Clubs here

Let’s continue this incredible journey together – here’s to a Spring Term filled with growth, learning, and lots of fun!

Team at Mariposa Languages 🦋🌍


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